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Hallo Deutschland!

Very excited to be touring in August with Canadian singer-songwriter, David Blair. We’re headed all over the beautiful country of Germany. Can’t hardly wait!!

Thanks for an amazing NYC to LA tour!

Thanks so much to all the great artists, fans, booking agents, promoters, and venues that made the NYC to LA tour so successful! It meant everything to have such an…

New Video!

I’m very excited to share a new video that phenomenal English singer-songwriter, Guy Jones, and I made during a few days of writing and recording in a cabin in Adams…

Thanks Europe!

Thanks to everyone involved in the last European tour!  It was a tremendous amount of fun, and we covered quite a bit of ground.  Huge thank you to everyone who…

WBM Review: Debut Project from Emily Forst does nothing but Wow

Latest Here We Go review here! There’s something about music the first time you listen to it that’s always so interesting. On one hand, you don’t know what to expect,…

We’re going on Pandora Internet Radio!

We’ve been accepted to Pandora Radio and tracks from Here We Go will start playing in the next few months!!! If you don’t already have an account with them, it’s…